About us

Tecpropro Group´s mission is to improve our clients products and profitability by introduction of advanced solutions, maintenance and modernizing of production equipment and by business consultancy in commercial and process improvement. 

The Tecpropro Group consists of four companies:

The Group has been founded and grown by Thomas Detlef Kreuzaler, a German engineer in mechanical and chemical process technology. Thomas worked for international players like ThyssenKrupp, Linde, Ipsen, Bodycote, Seco/Warwick and other multinationals. 

Our main businesses are:

  • Sales Representation
  • Business consultancy and interim management
  • Industrial maintenance, service and spare parts
  • Modernization and process automation of industrial equipment
  • Production of components and auxiliaries for HVAC  systems
  • Modernization and process automation of industrial equipment
  • Outsourced services

The Group achieved a direct and indirect yearly turnover of about 2.000.000 US$ in 2021, for 2022 we expect slightly higher numbers.  

If you want to know more about us, please visit the Group companies´ sites.

Offices/Sites in Brazil and Germany 
Thomas Detlef Kreuzaler
CEO Group Tecpropro